The Canine Sports Medicine Clinic was established by Denis Beary in 2004, it provides veterinary services to owners of sporting dogs, especially racing greyhounds. Our clients travel from all corners of Ireland and even from England and Scotland for our specialised services.

The clinic deals mainly with racing greyhounds but also sees other breeds of dog for musculo-skeletal (lameness) problems.

We offer complete physical examination including on-site blood
testing, perform most surgery needed on-site and offer acupuncture where needed for treatment of lameness and performance improvement prior to competition.

For further information on any of our services please take a look at our indepth services page. We look forward to meeting you soon.





Since 2013 the clinic is located in a purpose built premises at Church Meadows, Feighcullen, Rathangan.

Directions can be found on the contact page, "Canine Sports Medicine Clinic" is on Google Maps.

New Developments
I am trying to expand the range of surgical treatments offered to clients by purchasing new equipment for orthopaedic surgery. We now have several external fixator kits for the treatment of long bone fractures and some specialised instruments for the repair of hock fractures.

Please don't automatically assume that if your dog sustains a fracture on the track that its career is over- many dogs come back to racing following long bone and hock fractures.

International Canine Sports Medicine Conference
Don't miss the single best gathering of global experts on sporting and working dogs, at the International Canine Sports Medicine Conference 2020, being held in August 2020 in University College Dublin, Ireland.


Further details and registration information is also available.




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The Canine Sports Medicine Clinic, Feighcullen, Rathangan, R51 NN79, Co.Kildare - Tel:+353 (0)45 252615